Monday, September 26, 2011

Boy or Girl

At 18 weeks in a pregnancy most couples are more concerned with finding out whether they will be buying pink or blue, and we were no different. We both hoped for a boy, and I felt deep down that's what we would have. When we went to my ultrasound the technician pointed out what she found between my little one's legs, all boy he was! With our pictures in hand we continued our appointment with my OB, Dr. Costa. She told us how healthy our baby boy looked but that they were concerned with the length of his arms and legs. At that point she didn't seem too worried and said it could be because we both come from shorter families, but she wanted us to see a specialist to get a better ultrasound. The next day we took off for Shawnee Mission Hospital. We met with a genetic counselor that gave us scenarios of what we may find. We kind of shrugged things off and still thought he was just a little shorter than average. We then were taken in a room with more in-depth ultrasound equipment. The Dr came in during to verify that our little boy was missing both of his fibulas as well as digits on both hands and feet. Words can't really describe how we felt at that moment...

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