Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We became a lot stronger

I went back to work the day after we found out. I dealt with it by keeping busy. I hated being alone with my thoughts. Through the weeks it became a lot easier to talk about, but I still found myself keeping it from some people because I didn't want their questions. We had Ultrasounds scheduled every 6 weeks up until I was due. Each time we went in we got to see more of our active baby. That's what really helped it resonate. He was a healthy, happy boy. Just a little different than most. We then met with a group of doctors at Children's Mercy toward the end of my pregnancy. That is when we met Dr Sinclair who spoke with us about Fibular Hemimelia. He made us very hopeful that Avery would lead a healthy and normal life. The next step was to meet with him soon after Avery was born.

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