Friday, September 30, 2011

Great news!

July 1st we had our follow-up with Dr. Sinclair. We were nervous because last time he told us if Avery hadn't developed more of a stable ankle bone, we would have to amputate. As he examined him he seem astounded by how much more developed he was. He talked about how strong he was for a 2 month old. He is a very determined boy, holding his head up since day 1! After looking at his feet he said he thought they were salvageable. It was a great day. We called up our family and shared the great news! The next step was to wait and see when he would be ready to cast the right foot which is clubbed. They wanted him ready to bear weight by 8-9 months old. As we left with great news, I had missed a call from Shriner's saying we had been accepted to receive care. We had just applied 2 weeks prior and were so excited to get in so soon. They scheduled an appointment for September for Avery to see a team of doctors. Things were looking up...

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