Friday, September 30, 2011

First appointment with Shriner's

We were looking forward to our first overnight trip with Avery. We stayed in St Louis for 2 nights and we wanted to make sure to visit the zoo among other things. The trip didn't go quite as expected. Five or more hours in a car is a long trip for anyone, let alone a 4 month old. He did fairly well, but had trouble each evening due to teething. We went to Shriner's the next day, September 16. The hospital seemed small but warm. Avery was greeted by an older woman handing out toys to the children. We then had more x-rays taken and met with a team of doctors. The first doctor specialized in congenital problems with the upper extremities. Upon evaluation, he diagnosed him with ulnar defiency. The good news he said, was with this diagnosis it is not hereditary and it can also tie in with the FH. We then saw an occupational and a physical therapist. They showed us some more stretching techniques. We waited awhile for the Dr to come in to talk to us about the lower extremities. By that time, we had been there 3 or more hours and Avery was very tired. The Dr came in, greater us shortly and began to examine him. It bothered me that a children's Dr did not take the time to talk to my child or laugh and smile with him. Although Avery was very tired he was still his smiling self, yet the Dr did not acknowledge. We had been used to Dr Sinclair who would laugh and play with him. None the less, the Dr continued to examine. He used very few word except "she this, she that" speaking about my SON. He then said he recommended amputation for the right foot. We tried to explain that Sinclair had suggested casting first, but he basically said it would be a waste of time. He then left and told us we could wait and see how things go. Although we scheduled another appointment at Shriner's, we decided it best to continue with a Dr that believes in saving the foot first. We will now wait for his appointment with Sinclair on October 7. Now that I am caught up with everything we've been through so far, my posts will been written in the present.

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  1. I agree with staying with Dr. Sinclair! I am also surprised that a Dr dealing with children seemed so distant and uninterested.
    I have heard about the online chat with others and Drs thru somebody earlier this year and they seem to amputate as a last option.
    Keeping Avery and the rest of your family in prayers as you go through your journey.